Pre-Made Meals

Healthy Meals Made to Order 

We don’t just stop at offering the best equipment any gym has ever seen, however. We offer pre-made meals that are healthy and created to your liking. If you want to grab a bite to eat after your workout, order from our extensive menu! We offer breakfast options, protein shakes, and so much more.

Place your order before, during, or after your workout and it will be ready for you in no time! (10 meal minimum)


Breakfast (305 calories, 16.5f/13c/26p):
• Cheese Omelet 168 calories, 12f/4c/11p
• Turkey Sausage 89 calories, 4.5f/2c/10p
• Spinach 48 calories, 0f/7c/5p

Protein Options
• Baked Chicken 123 calories, 3f/4c/20p
• Teriyaki Chicken 104 calories, 3.5f/3c/15p
• Lean Beef Patty 192 calories, 8f/1c/29p
• Turkey Sausage 326 calories, 17.5f/10.5c/31.5p

Vegetable Options
• Broccoli 40 calories, 0f/7c/3p
• Green Beans 36 calories, 0f/7c/2p

Carb Options
• Brown Rice 173 calories, 1f/37c/4p
• Black Beans 176 calories, 2.25f/30c/9p
• Sweet Potato 148 calories, 0f/34c/3p

Protein Shakes

Nutter Butter 435 calories, 23f/18c/39p
Strawberry Banana 346 calories, 6f/39c/34p
Chocolate Lovers 231 calories, 7f/10c/32p
Chocolate Chip Cookie 231 calories, 7f/10c/32p
Banana Split 372 calories, 8f/41c/34p
Chike Coffee 429 calories, 25f/22c/29p

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