Dale & Jill Robertson

Meet Dale & Jill 

Dale and Jill are husband and wife personal trainers who live a healthy lifestyle and love to share what they have learned over more than 40 years combined. Dale, having served in the military, remains passionate about fellow veterans. Through several awareness raising programs, they have shown support for veterans’ organizations, including Camp Patriot. They began training, and after competing and placing 2nd in several fitness competitions from the Europa in Dallas to the Texas Round-Up in Austin, they turned their focus onto training others. 

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With hundreds of clients from professional football players to inexperienced bodybuilders, they have trained them all. It's not about vanity with them. It's about honoring the Creator in their body as written in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. Christ being at the center of their home means that their health message is biblically-based. If you believe that we were created to do wonderful things, let Dale and Jill Robertson help you shape your body and keep you healthy from the inside and out. 
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