Cody Brotherton

Meet Cody

Cody Brotherton is a personal trainer specializing in strength training for fat loss, muscle gain, or increased athletic performance. He is also a nutritional coach helping people burn fat with a sustainable habit based approach to eating great, and utilizing behavior change strategies to help people see their best results. 

 After winning 5 D III National Championships in the shot put, Cody found himself nearing 300 pounds after he stopped training, and suffered bouts with anxiety, and an overall lack of energy. Deciding to make a change, he lost 90 pounds, got off all his meds, and began helping many others do the same. This is when he decided to begin personal training, since he was already helping people transform their lives.

Education & Certifications/Licenses 

  • Master of Divinity degree from Hardin Simmons University
  • ACE certified PT
  • Precision Nutrition certified nutritional coach
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